We provide each individual with professional care.

Products and professional service.


All natural products, no artificial or chemical ingredients, no animal testing.


The activated Lumixa gel converts blue light into Fluorescent Light Energy (FLE), which stimulates the skin's own repair mechanisms to heal at the cellular level.

Skin Normaliser

The Lumixa Skin Normaliser formulation targets first signs of skin ageing, acting to prevent and combat inflammation with a revitalising and energising effect.

Collagen Booster

The Lummixa Collagen Booster improves skin density by providing a plumping effect, improving skin texture, fine lines and enlarged pores.


Treatments are non-invasive and suitable all year-round with minimal to no downtime.

Inika Organics Makeup

We specialise in beautiful, natural looking makeup using chemical free, organic products from Inika.

Feel Young Facial Cream

We have created a range of creams for facials which will leave you looking and feeling refreshed.

Our Services

A Secret Luxury Spa's owner Nelia is experienced in a range of professional services and all natural products to get the best results for each individual's needs. If you are looking for natural and healthy skin, Nelia will be able to find the best solution for you.

Medical-Grade Led Therapies

Nelia is skilled in medical-grade LED therapies which are tailored to the needs of each client.

Eyebrow Perfection

We start all brow services with Brow Mapping, our 3-step technique designed to create the perfect brow shape for your face.

Care for Male Skin

Tailored services for men to achieve healthy and radiant skin.

Sauna Theraphy

Feel good in the body you live your life in. Strengthen your immune system and increase muscle strength by enriching your tissues with oxygen.

No artificial or chemical ingredients, no animal testing.